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Nowadays Social media is the best way to promote your products and services. and If you want to promote on social media, then Subscribers, Followers, Likes, and Comments are the most important factors for your business and website.

Now, everyone is spending lots of money to get Facebook likes, Youtube subscribers, Twitter followers, Instagram followers, and all other social media platforms. But If I tell you, You can get all these for FREE. Yes, it’s FREE!!!

Instead, In this post, I’m going to share with you Best and reliable Sites To Get Free Facebook Likes, Shares, Followers, Free Youtube Subscribers, Likes and Comments, Instagram and Twitter Followers & Also that’s very helpful to increase your online credibility.

These sites can help you get:

  • Free Auto Likes on Facebook Page and FB Posts Likes
  • Free Auto Facebook Followers
  • Free Youtube Subscribers & Viewers
  • Free Twitter Tweets & Retweets
  • Free Instagram Followers & Likes
  • Free Blog/Website Shares
  • Free Auto Shares & Comments
  • Etc

NOTE: Before we start increasing our social visibility, There is one SPECIAL NOTE. Please read and follow it!!! and the reason for special note is not to waste your time and others. As most of the user’s complain that this system is not working (SUB4SUB & LIKE4LIKE), Do you ever think why, Because most of the users subscribe or unfollow one next day and same day. then what happens when a user sees this activity, real users again unsubscribe and unfollow, and you both waste just your time. Its better to leave it or use an individual account for these activities.

Best Sites to Get Free Subscribers, Followers, Likes, Share, and Comments


Like4Like - Best websites to get Free Subscribers, Followers, Likes, Share and Comments

Like4Like is a network to grow your social media presence. A group of peoples dedicated to bringing more traffic to your social media pages. Just like the name. It offers all the services to increase your social visibility. 

You can get 100% FREE YouTube Subscribers, Facebook Likes, Twitter, and Instagram Followers, Views, Circles, and Hits.

The best part of Like4Like is, Your points will get refunded in case of someone dislike your page or unsubscribe from your channel. That’s the reason it’s my first favorite website to gain real youtube subscribers.

Signup to Like4Like >>


Addmefast - Best websites to get Free Subscribers, Followers, Likes, Share and Comments

AddMeFast is another network to get free Youtube subscribers, likes, share, comments, Facebook Page Likes, Share, Post Likes, Twitter Followers, Twitter Likes, Retweets, Instagram Followers, Likes.

You can earn points by liking others page or subscribe to others channel and more activities to collect free points or you can purchase point to increase social media presence.

Signup to AddMeFast >>


YTMonster is an ultimate tool to increase your Youtube channels views, subscribers, likes and comments. Best part is its a completely free tool with automation features. and one more best thing is it provides a good retention for your videos. that help in ranking in youtube.

This free tool is for dedicated to youtube users, You can not increase visibility of other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or more… As other mostly platforms provide. But This is really amazing tool for Youtube growth.

You just need to create an account and link your youtube channel and start earning the tokens, tokens are just like points you earn when you watch any video, like video or subscribe other video. and then you can use same tokens for your videos to gain good retention views, likes and subscribers.

Signup to YTMonster >>


LinkCollider - Best websites to get Free Subscribers, Followers, Likes, Share and Comments

LinkCollider is a free SEO tool with advertising for social media to increase online presence and to improve SEO. you can increase online visibility for blog posts & likes, tweets, subscribers, followers.

You can use LinkCollider as an SEO tool to increase website traffic and connect with real people from more than 350,000 active users from more than 200 countries.

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LikesPlanet - Best websites to get Free Subscribers, Followers, Likes, Share and Comments

LikesPlanet is one of the best traffic exchange websites to increase your social media credibility. You can easily earn points by liking other FB Pages and subscribing to Youtube channels. and you can use the referral program with 50% Points on your referral.

Get Free Facebook Likes – Free Twitter Followers – Free Instagram Followers – Free YouTube Likes – Free YouTube Dislikes – Facebook Page Likes – Free Twitter Likes & much more.

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Traffup - Best websites to get Free Subscribers, Followers, Likes, Share and Comments

Our Score: 9/10
TraffUp is the Best Website to get Free Website Traffic, Free YouTube Subscribers & Video Likes, Free Facebook Page Likes, Free Twitter Followers, Free Retweets & Likes, Free Instagram Followers & Likes, and much more…

Its likes Traffic Exchange website, which provides all services free and they have paid plans also, You can buy points and banner ads.

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FollowLike - Best websites to get Free Subscribers, Followers, Likes, Share and Comments

Followlike is a free social exchange SEO booster community. Increase your Social Media, PageRank, Alexa Ranking, Backlinks, Bookmarks, and SEO Keyword.

In FollowLike, you can exchange Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Soundcloud, Tumblr, Blogger, and much more top social networks. and you can also earn coins by micro-tasks also.

Signup to FollowLike >>


YouLikeHits - Best websites to get Free Subscribers, Followers, Likes, Share and Comments

YouLikeHits is another useful YouTube exchange site. Mostly, I use YouLikeHits to promote all of my blog article on social media. Get Free YouTube Views, Likes, Subscribers, Twitter Followers, Pinterest Followers, SoundCloud Plays, Website Hits, and more!

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GiveMeLikes - Best websites to get Free Subscribers, Followers, Likes, Share and Comments

GiveMeLikes is a simple-looking website with high functionality. Get Free Likes Exchange for Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter Followers, YouTube views, site traffic exchange!

The best way to promote your site on social networks!

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KingdomLikes - Best websites to get Free Subscribers, Followers, Likes, Share and Comments

KingdomLikes is a great website with high traffic exchange. You can easily earn coins and redeem to increase your social media presence.

You can get free Instagram likes, Instagram followers, Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Youtube views, subscribe, likes, Twitter retweets and much more.

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I hope you liked this post. If you know any other sites as like sub4sub, like4like that can help in getting YouTube subscribers, Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, Instagram Followers, then let us know in below comment section.

I will include that site in the above list. And I suggest you share this post with your friends who are working on Social Media Platform.

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