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It has been a long time when the top notch camera producing companies have been going toe to toe in the market. There are so many brands that have established themselves as being one of the best amongst the herd of others. These brands have been making the camera as well as their lenses for a long time now. The brands have a very big name when it comes to making these products and they have been in play for more than decades. So if you are looking for the top brands which are available in the market then we have just the right thing for you.

If you are going to take photography as your passion or are just taking it as a casual add- on activity for yourself then also you might consider reading this article till the end because we have a lot of information about the top 10 camera brands in India. There might be a slight difference between most of them but that could really help you in taking the right decision for your selection.

Top 10 Camera Brands in India – You Have To Experience It

1. Canon Camera

This is a name that everybody has learned by heart. Canon has been in the game of camera for a long- long time now. This company has been making a lot of cool products better lenses due to which they have been creating a buzz in the market. This is a very reputed brand in not just India but the entire world, and even professionals love using Canon for some memorable shots. The color dissipation of the pictures is vibrant and you would definitely love it. You can check out Amazon, Flipkart or Tata cliq for checking all camera brands with a price.

Pros of Canon

  • They have an amazing set of glasses.
  • They have a very good face detection when you switch it to the Auto Focus mode.
  • If you compare the Canon cameras on the basis of color tones and white balance, no one is better than this brand.

Cons of Canon

  • The high ISO performance of this camera is not that good.
  • The autofocus points of Canon are less when compared to the other competitors in the market.

2. Nikon Camera

Isn’t it obvious that if we have already talked about Canon in our first point, we are going to talk about Nikon in the second? This Japanese brand has a lot of varieties in their camera section and one of the best things about the brand is they give you a universal camera structure. Therefore you can get the digital camera price list on various websites so check them out today. Moreover, all the lenses they make can fit in your body. So this is one perk which you will not get in any high-end brand but Nikon.

Pros of Nikon

  • It has a universal body that can fit any lens made by the brand.
  • The low light and high ISO performance are great.
  • The AF mode of Nikon is really good and you would love to shoot with it.

Cons of Nikon

  • They have color vibrancy less than its competitors
  • At times you will have a few problems with your shots.

3. Panasonic Camera

This is another Japanese brand that is coming into the picture. This brand was founded in the year 1918 and initially, they got their name as the producer of light bulb sockets. And with this reputation, they grew themselves into a very big firm. Panasonic tried their hand in making world-class television and when they turned into being a camera making brand, the entire game for them changed. They become one of the best camera making brands in the world. The best part of their camera is the ultra-Zoom and the modern look that is more stylish for the camera arena. Check out the digital camera price of Amazon, Now.

Pros of Panasonic

  • Panasonic has done wonders with making the body of its DSLR compact and light. There are options where you get the retro body of the DSLR.
  • The AF mode is too smooth and gives you a lot of wonderful pictures even in the low light.
  • There are a lot of varieties for newbies as well as the professionals.

Cons of Panasonic

  • If you are a pro with DSLRs then there are a lot of better options in other competitors and Panasonic has to look up to that.
  • It has a very shallow DOF which makes it lack in the arena.
  • The top end of the brand can have a lot of better cameras but they just don’t add to it.

4. Sony Camera

Talking about tech gadgets we have a name that comes up on the top and it is Sony. We cannot deny their presence and their emphatic win over others. From laptops to televisions to camera, they have everything sorted and top notch. One of the most famous camera ranges of their brand is Sony Cybershot. This piece of beauty was famous and loved by the casual photographer throughout the world. If you check out the website of Coupons Curry you can get the camera coupons that will help you in getting the camera at a discounted price.

Pros of Sony

  • Sony has leaped up to a higher extent with its version of the electronic viewfinder in the mirrorless series.
  • The image stabilization of the Sony DSLRs is way too good than any other in the competition.
  • The eye autofocus helps you get sharper pictures and you can just bid a bye to blurry portrait pictures. Now just get to the best part of DSLRs with Sony.
  • The smaller form factor in Sony has made it one of the highly demanded camera brands in the world.

Cons of Sony

  • With so many cool features Sony lacks in providing a better battery life in their Cameras. Especially the mirrorless ones. You need to have a better back up to never run out of options.
  • The Low light autofocus is a bit tricky. You need to be a pro to get the perfect picture and most of the time, you still don’t get that.
  • The lenses of Sony are really high priced. You need to make a hole in your pocket for getting a better price.

5. Samsung Camera

Most of us don’t know this fact but yes Samsung is not just famous for their top-notch mobiles but is also known to have some of the best cameras in their bag. This South Korean company has a lot of name in the world and they have always shown something new to their world. Their brilliant design and crystal clear imaging feature make their camera a pick over others. So if you just want a small camera for your photography ghost then this is a brand you cannot overlook.

Pros of Samsung

  • The picture quality of Samsung cameras is as good as their high-end phones have.
  • The depth effect in the DSLR of Samsung is really amazing and you would love to have it in your hands.
  • There is a lot of versatility in the DSLR range of Samsung.

Cons of Samsung

  • The cost of their cameras are soaring high and you will have to pay a whole lot of money to get them in your pocket.
  • The leaning curve of the camera is not as good as it should have been so you need to either not think about this factor or just choose some other brand.

6. Kodak Camera

Don’t tell me that you have already forgotten this one. Have you? From the time of strip filming used in the camera, people have been using this brand’s camera. They are one of the biggest brands in India and have been into existence for a long time now. Their new inkjet system, Micro SD printing and a lot of others have helped them in revolving in the market for a long time now.

Pros of Kodak

  • The body of the Kodak DSLR is compact and it adds on when you need a stable picture without a tripod.
  • The depth effect is too good and you would love it.

Cons of Kodak

  • Some of its varieties are not valued for money because at the same price you can get a better camera.
  • The ISO effect is not happening in Kodak DSLRs.

7. Pentax Camera

The brand was founded in the year 1919 and was popular in the Indian market during the mid-1950 and the brand was known by the name Pentax. They have now turned out to be the producers of one of the best cameras in the Indian market. With the help of their great lens quality and impeccable and handy body of the camera, Pentax won a lot of hearts in no time. So can keep this option open for yourself. Check out some of the exclusive and great camera offers and camera deals on CouponsCurry.

Pros of Pentax

  • The still image quality of Pentax DSLRs are amazing and it gets better when you are taking raw shots.
  • The cameras are weather sealed and you can use it anywhere without thinking twice.
  • The optical finder in the camera has a 100% coverage.
  • You get to enjoy the solid build in quality.

Cons of Pentax

  • It has a small raw buffer that can piss you at a critical time.
  • The JPEG compressing of the camera is poor.
  • There is no wireless flash control in the camera.

8. Olympus Camera

And yet again, another Japanese brand made its presence and became famous in Indian society in no time. The brand Olympus has more or less about 70% of the entire share of the camera market. If you are looking for a top-notch camera, this is the one you should pick. The pre-fitted GPS, waterproof features, 2.1 m shockproof and a lot of other things make this brand impeccable and famous amongst the professionals as well. You can enjoy camera promo codes that will help you in getting some added discounts.

Pros of Olympus

  • It has a fast focus as well as burst shooting which puts it over others in this range.
  • Built-in EVF as well as flash.
  • It has a good image quality as well as a good quality ISO.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi in the camera.

Cons of Olympus

  • The cameras are not weather sealed
  • A lot of options in the brand do not have 60p video support.

9. Fujifilm Camera

From the old times, this brand has always been a wonderful treat to have. This is not because they have a good camera, but also because of their versatility. They have a huge business that is diverse from optical films to lenses to other equipment. So if you are planning on buying a camera, this can be your pick.

Pros of Fujifilm

  • The cameras have a very great design.
  • They have a vastly improved autofocus.
  • You are also going to enjoy a fantastic image quality.

Cons of Fujifilm

  • It has weak battery life.
  • you are not going to get touchscreen in many of its options.

10. Go Pro Camera

Oh yes, these days action cameras are also the picks that are available on the internet as well as the offline stores. If you are wanting to capture everything that you see while traveling then why not check out the Go- Pro? They are high-end action cameras that will give you a lot of great pictures and even better videos. So make it sure that you have one while you are preparing for a bike ride.

Pros of Go Pro

  • You can shoot high-quality videos and click great pictures as well which are up to 4k recorded.
  • you can mount it even on your helmet and make videos on the go.
  • It is small, good and handy.

Cons of Go Pro

  • You might just need some extra batteries for back up.

If you are not willing to buy your next camera online then check out the Delhi DSLR market price from stores available in Karol Bagh and Connaught Place.

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