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Before mentioning any reason I want to tell you that I have been through the struggling phase of making money online and I know the mistakes and reasons which you must avoid if you really want a laptop style life by making money online.

Almost a hundred and thousand people search “How to make money online?” or related terms in Google every day and less than 0.001% only got success in making decent money from the internet. Therefore in this article, I tried my best to put some lights on why people fail to make money online so that you can avoid these hurdles and start making money online.

Top 5 Reason why people fail to make money online & their solutions

Time Is Money

Reason 1: People don’t give time to it and think the Internet is the money making machine.

Making money from the internet is a bit different than your 9-5 Job and your offline business and this is why you don’t have to accept the income as soon as you started the process of building an Online business or starting a freelancing job.

As we all know that income while sitting at home is possible in the internet world therefore due to this many people want the same thing (making money online) and this creates too much competition in this field and this is why this method takes the time.

Solution:  Don’t except the earning very soon and give time to build one thing and not many. From building one thing I mean to do one thing whether it is freelancing or blogging or even drop shipping.

Money is Money

Reason 2: People don’t want to invest any money but want to earn money from the internet.

I know there are many methods from which you can make money online without investment but they are few only which actually need zero investment and can earn you decent money. Even freelancing needs promotions in starting to get the first few clients.

I have seen this too much and especially in India i.e. people can invest Rs 10 lakhs for college and coaching but don’t want to invest in online things like on online tools, good quality hosting, etc.

Unfortunately, this is one of the most occurring reasons which keeps people back in making money online.

Solution: Please keep in mind that you need to invest some money also if you need the result faster for example if you want to start the blogging then keep handy $100 for domain and hosting plus $50 each month for paying for the tools from the starting time to 6-8 months.

Also, budget changes as you change the field like if you want to start the dropping business then the budget you need is way more than this.

Focus Is Money

Reason 3: People try too many things instead of focusing on one thing.

You can understand this from one example if someone started the blogging and as we know blogging from starting need a lot of patience and hard work and then you can expect anything from it after 6 months but instead of focusing on just one thing many have the desire to try more than one thing, therefore, most of the people start freelancing, YouTube, Blogging, Dropshipping all at once.

Solution: If possible don’t make the internet income as your primary income and this helps you stay concentrated on one thing instead of trying so many things one after another.

Skill Is Money

Reason 4: People get trapped in low earning methods like PTC websites and survey sites.

There are always two sides of anything, one is bad and one is good and the same is true in the case of the Internet world.

There are more than 100 ways from which you can make money online by using just your laptop and an internet connection.

And how much you made is all depends on how skilled you are in any field.

And if you don’t have any skill then still you can make money online and the method is from PTC websites and Survey filling websites.

I know you can make money by filling surveys but you can’t pay all your bills from that.

Making money from survey sites is good only if you are doing to some extent only and if you want to make only a few bucks online by filling surveys then I recommend you to join Survey Compare because at least you will not get trapped in any survey fraud company.

Solution: Focus on methods which need some type of skill and can provide you the decent money and stay away from shady money making methods, for example, get paid to watch videos or play games.

Smartness Is Also Money

Reason 5: There are too many scams running online just to capture people like you. (People who want to make money online and are a complete beginner).

Smart bad guys know how to trap you and they will target you by running ads to show you people are making millions online overnight by doing his/her methods and many innocent beliefs the things and lose their money.

Please keep one thing in mind that in any case, you can’t make a large sum of money overnight from the internet and if you still think you can then sorry but you are going to lose money.

Solution: The only solution is you have to ignore this kind of advertisement or mails who are promising you that you can earn thousands and lakh’s in a very short period of time then just ignore the advertisement or delete such emails.

There are many more reasons due to which people fail to make money online but these are the most common and main reasons. If you know these things and are able to avoid these things then you are already very close to making decent money from your laptop.

Don’t forget to share your reason for failure (If Any) or any other reason for online business and opportunity failure.

Thanks for reading!!!


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