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Do you want to make videos that will captivate your viewers from the moment they set their eyes on the screen? Then you need to capitalize on the trend of CGI right away!

Here’s an overview of CGI, its benefits, and some examples that show how useful it can be for creating awesome and stunning videos.

Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) Explained

Computer-generated imagery (CGI) is an exciting technology that has elevated how we perceive video in recent times. With CGI, you can create two-dimensional and three-dimensional images through a computer to create static and dynamic images.

Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI)

CGI emerged in the 1900s when it took the form of virtual cinematography. CGI helps us create remarkable animation and special effects on video. It is a cost-effective means for creating content for compelling marketing videos today.

Core Benefits Of CGI

So how does CGI help us? There are numerous ways that CGI can help marketing professionals and brands create great marketing videos. The possibilities are endless. Here are a few useful benefits of this technology:

Economical To Use

After paying for the initial cost of a CGI program, it hardly costs anything to use. You don’t have to involve yourself with hiring expensive photographers and paying for their incidental expenses. Businesses can save even more money by outsourcing the work.

Exciting Possibilities

Having access to exciting possibilities is the only way you could describe using CGI. Whatever product you are promoting, you can create engaging ads with interesting details.

For example, showing the exploded view of a functioning automobile can produce a great impression.

Multi-Media Delivery Options 

When you create videos using CGI, your files can be distributed across multimedia. It helps in getting your videos seen by the relevant people as they are being created and edited. CGI offers a value-added dimension to the process of video creation.

Time Factor

With CGI, you don’t have to wait until the product is completed. Even when it is still on the assembly line, you can start creating images of the product with different video images. You can share the pictures in the form of teasers before the formal product release.

You Don’t Have To Go Outdoors

Since everything is created within a computer, you don’t need to spend time and money on expensive outdoor shoots. You can create some remarkable, amazing, and realistic outdoor scenes. Now there’s no more waiting for good weather to get back to shooting.

You Can Make An Enormous Impression

A marketing video is designed to create an impression. Now, if you use CGI, you can make a fantastic impression on your viewers. You can add special effects to real-life videos, and the possibilities are endless with CGI.

Authenticates The Brand

The type of videos that you can create using CGI can be so impressive that it establishes brand credibility with viewers. The level of control is such that you can convince your viewers about the authenticity of the brand.

Using Templates And Infographics

When you use CGI for creating videos, you will find Facebook ad templates to be very useful while performing your job. Download Facebook ad templates for free to get the best facebook ad templates infographics for your video.

The advantage of using Facebook ad templates is that you get some of the elements of professional marketing strategies that you can apply to your video. This way, you can reach out to viewers to promote your brand more compellingly.

Another advantage is that you can cut down on your design work because of the pre-designed images that you can choose from. You can get images that deliver the exact message that you wish to deliver.

CGI In “Reel” Life

CGI plays a significant role in the world of cinema and gaming. Many video games give the feeling that you are playing with footage of real people. CGI is widely used in the VFX field in cinema for creating 2D and 3D images.

A prime example of the use of CGI in films is in scenes where the actor’s face appears older or younger. Faces were made to look more youthful in movies like X-men, Last Stand, Pirates of the Caribbean and Fast and Furious.

In The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, CGI makes the actor look older. In the 2019 release The Gemini Man, Will Smith appears as himself and his younger clone in successive scenes with the help of CGI.

CGI also helps create scenes that defy the laws of physics. If we film particular objects in action, we get distorted and blurred footage. A ball being thrown, glass shattering, or smashing a brick wall will not be clear.

CGI helps us in such a scenario to recreate duplicate footage for a few seconds. The respective frames of the actual objects and the duplicate image blend, tricking the human eye to miss the difference.

An excellent example of how CGI can create sinister impersonations on screen is a video clip of former President Barack Obama. The clip shows Mr. Obama saying some obscure stuff. Actor-comedian Jordan Peele is actually impersonating him.

CGI plays a prominent role in horror films. Movies like Friday the 13thThe Skeleton Key, Scream 4, and Final Destination 2 highlight some classic CGI examples in their climactic scenes.

Finally, CGI is often used to honor people who have passed on. The last two Star Wars films featured Carrie Fisher and Peter Cushing through CGI.

Parting Thoughts

The benefits of using CGI for making and editing videos are limitless. There’s no doubt that this revolutionary piece of technology is the future of video. If you have to make marketing videos, CGI is the best means of creating a lasting impression on your viewers.

There is no doubt that manual video editing gives a personal touch to any video. However, when you are mass producing marketing videos and are on a deadline, you need to speed things up, and automatic video editing comes to the rescue.

The best way of being fast and efficient is by using automatic video editors in combination with CGI. InVideo brings you what could be the best Instagram video editor to take your marketing videos to the next level.

No matter how skilled you are in videography, CGI can enhance your video content even further to help you create impactful marketing strategies that will promote your brand in the best possible way.


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