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Start A Blog on Blogger/Blogspot | Make Money Blogging

  • Step by Step 6 Hour Video Tutorial. Beginner Friendly
  • Very easy to understand and follow. No previous coding experience.


In the Blogger Course. You will learn How to start a blog on Blogger/Blogspot for Free? and customize it to fulfill your needs (with no previous coding experience), How to generate unlimited traffic? how to monetize your Blogger/Blogspot blog?

You will also learn how to install a Blogger Blog Template. Customizing your Blogger Blog Templates. How to make a blog look like a professional website? How to promote your Blogger Blog?

Blogger Course In Hindi | Start A Blog on Blogger/Blogspot

  • Step by step video tutorial.
  • Very easy to understand and follow.
  • Beginner Friendly tutorials
  • No previous coding experience.

With this course, there is a method to download free templates and a premium template is attached for you to use and edit as a bonus.

Stop hiring other people to make websites for you, let people hire you to make their websites.

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Main Topics You Will Learn:

  • You Will Learn To Use Blogger You Will
  • Create Your Logo & Custom Blog Images
  • Learn To Install the Free theme
  • You Will Learn To Customize main menu section
  • You Will Learn To Change the sidebar section
  • You Will Learn To Change the Footer section
  • You Will Learn To Customize Contact us Page
  • You Will Learn To Posting a Blog Poste
  • You Will Learn To change your domain name
  • You Will Learn SEO Optimization

What Will I Learn?

  • Make at least $1000/Month of Passive income!
  • Choose The Right Niche to Start Making Money Online
  • Build a Professional Blog that Converts
  • How To Write A Catchy Title & Well Researched Blog That Ranks?
  • Understand SEO for Blogger.
  • How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog?
  • How to Monetize Your Blog?
  • How to Generate Passive Income from Blog?

Who Can Join This Course?

  • Intended For Anyone Who Wants To Make Money Online And Start a Passive Income.
  • Anyone looking to make a blog/website for free
  • Anyone looking to use Google Adsense to earn money
  • Anyone who wants a blog to post his articles in.
  • People Who Are Looking For a New & Permanent Source Of Income.
  • Anyone who is fade up with 9to5 Jobs.
  • Anyone who wants to enjoy life and invest time with family & friends.


  • Dedication to learning and helping others.
  • Computer and internet access.
  • No prior technical skills are necessary – If you can use a browser you can do this course.
  • No prior knowledge of Coding, Blogger, and Blogging is necessary.
  • A willingness to learn and a desire to build a financially secure future.


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