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On 11.11.2015 I started my blogging career. And lots of great guys and girls had also started their blogging journey at the same time, maybe a few months earlier or later.

I call them my fellow bloggers. Irrespective of niche and competition I think they are my friends.

It’s very difficult to track all the bloggers from different niches. But I usually track bloggers who write about SEO, Blogging, WordPress, Social Media etc. It’s a competitive niche. And surviving year after year is like winning a Gold Medal every year in the Olympic Games.

The reason of accidents…

It’s very sad to tell you that most of my fellow bloggers are no more. Due to privacy reasons, I‘m not going to mention the names of the bloggers or even the domain names here.

1. Most of the blogs died because they were unable to generate the minimum amount of revenue to run a self-hosted blog. They were using AdSense, affiliate programs and all sorts of revenue generation strategies possible. But failed.

These days they publish once in a fortnight or once a month. That also with half-heartedly, and joined part-time job along with their regular full-time job.

2. Few bloggers don’t even publish a single post in the past few months. These bloggers were very aggressive from their initial days, and started buying multiple domains and built multiple blogs, in the hope of getting rich overnight.

Neither are they able to manage their multiple blogs, nor generate the minimum revenue to run them for more than a year. They are about to be extinct from the blogosphere. They are dying every day, slowly and steadily.

3. Very few are no more in the blogosphere. They couldn’t even renew their domain after one year.

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Do you know – the real reason behind all the deaths and all the sorrows?

It’s traffic.

A good amount of traffic can earn a blogger a real revenue stream to survive, fight and win in the blogosphere. It’s really discouraging to see fellow bloggers are dying helplessly by adopting faulty tactics, setting unrealistic goals and even due to lack of patience (passion).

I hats up all these (dead and dying) bloggers; only because they at least tried an option (blogging) in their life and failed. What’s your opinion about the Future Of Blogging – Is It Bright, Dark or Dead?



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Anant Vijay Soni

A passionate blogger and serial youtuber, timely efforts, and dedication are the key protocols that keep me succeeding. I love to share information about WordPress, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Make Money Online, Email Marketing and much more.

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