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In the blogging world – “If your blog starts well, ends well.”

Making a lot of mistakes @ the beginning of your blogging career restricts the initial flights and enthusiasm you should get to keep yourself motivated.

These small yet unpardonable blogging mistakes not only frustrate you but also prompts your readers to develop apathy for reading your blog. I’ve witnessed many blogging deaths, only because they started their blogging career with these 5 deadly mistakes, and were never able to recouped thereafter.

5 Important Blogging Career Mistakes

If you are a newbie blogger or a struggling blogger, my advice to you is – just stay away from these 5 blogging mistakes to taste the success at a later stage.

1. Money plays a spoil sport

Lots of bloggers start a blog with “money in their mind.

And let me repeat a zillion times – If you follow the money, people will not follow you; but if you blog for people, money will definitely follow you. This is a bitter truth. And every newbie bloggers should know it.

There are bloggers who sell affiliate stuff from Amazon and all, right from the day ONE. I just can’t digest it. And the moment they get an AdSense code from BIG G, they start day-dreaming. Projecting their future earning potential, quitting their 5 to 9 real-life jobs and leading a full-time blogging career and bla..bla…bla…

Great bloggers have great minds. Sound minds.

And you can’t create awesome content with money in your mind. Counting AdSense clicks and page views are big dampeners of creativity. You can do these stuff in your later life as a blogger, or when you establish yourself as an authority blogger.

Blogging is not a “money making sports.” Especially at the beginning.

2. Junk doesn’t sell

Do you love to buy 2nd-hand clothes? Nobody does.

So why do you think people will consume the 1/2 baked content on your blog? There are enough blogs out there who offer premium content for absolutely free. Why should they come to your blog to waste their precious time?

Newbie bloggers usually publish thin articles. Headless article without a point to prove something, without a voice and without a tail to make a tiny ripple in the blogosphere.

Ask yourself – Do your articles solve your readers’ problems? Do your articles offer value to your visitors? It’s a universal truth, the junk doesn’t sell. That’s it.

3. Investing a hefty ZERO $

Do you want to be a “HERO from a ZERO? At least in the blogging field, you can’t be.

Can you make a multi-million business without investing a penny? Certainly not. Have you got your bachelor’s degree for free? Certainly not.

So why do you hesitate to buy a shirt and a pant for your blog? Why are you not buying a Premium Theme, or a Plugin, or a Designer LOGO for your blog? You can’t make money blogging, without investing money. You should know it. And you should know it from the Day ONE.

4. Market like a “Hollywood Actress”

Do you think – all these Hollywood actresses flaunt themselves on the ramp, walk on the red-carpet and tweet on Twitter for making marry? You are wrong.

They know – How to market themselves. How to network. And how to make a great fan following. They know how to make a brand image, right?

Unless and until you spread the news (words), how people will come to know about your blog? About your content? And finally, about you?

Be a marketer. Act like a struggling sales-person. Spread the words in social media, do SEO, send newsletter, write guest posts…. Do whatever you can do to make your blog famous. Even, never hesitate to write a controversial post. It really works.

5. Dedication…

Make a Guru – Follow an industry leader or a great blogger to get your daily dose of inspiration.

Be a Student – Read others’ blogs insanely. In fact, you should read at least 10 others’ blog posts before writing you’re (one).

Be a Workaholic – Learn to make some good Coffee and work hard. If required till the wee hours.


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Anant Vijay Soni

A passionate blogger and serial youtuber, timely efforts, and dedication are the key protocols that keep me succeeding. I love to share information about WordPress, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Make Money Online, Email Marketing and much more.


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