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High-quality content is the basis of successful business on the internet.

The originality of the content plays a key role in increasing the website’s ranking in SERPs.

Writing duplicate content on the website can cause different consequences on the website’s overall position.

Duplicate content is that copied content that appears in more than once places.

According to Google’s Webmaster: “The duplicate content generally refers to the basic portions of the content within or across domains that either match other content or are appreciably similar.”

It is the content that has been already written and published by someone or somewhere on the internet.

Being a webmaster or a blogger, if you simply copy a piece of content and publish it on the website, then you have duplicate content on the site.

There are two different types of duplicate content, one is internal duplicate content and the other one is external duplicate content.

The internal copied content is when a single domain generates duplicate content through several internal URLs of the same website.

Whereas, the external copied content occurs when two or more domains have the same page content indexed by the search engine.

How Duplicate Content Affects Negatively in Google Ranking?

How Search Engine handles Duplicate Content?

When a webmaster published content on the website, Google takes a while to crawl and index the webpage.

If your site is popular and has a good ranking position in the SERPs, then the search engine will quickly crawl and indexed it.

Once the article or content is indexed, the search engine then compares the published content to different resources to check the content’s duplication.

If Google identifies any piece of duplicate or plagiarized content, it either displays the content or throws the content into the Google Omitted results.

Also, if you’re spamming the site all the time, Google might even consider not to index the site anymore.

How to check for duplicate content?

There are multiple online plagiarism checking tools are available on the internet to check content’s originality.

The main purpose of these online checkers is to compare the given text with different online resources to find duplicate content.

You can use these online tools to check plagiarism free of the given content in no time. These tools scan the given document and generate the final result with one click.

They are widely used by bloggers, webmasters, and SEO experts to maintain the quality of content.

Effects of Duplicate Content in Google Ranking

The search engine doesn’t impose a penalty for the copied content. However, it filters the identical content which has a negative impact on the SERPs.

Copied content confuses the search engine to choose which one of the identical pages should rank in the top result pages.

Instead of the fact that who produced the original content, there are some chances that the actual page will not be there in the top search results.

It is one of the main reasons that why plagiarized or copied content is bad for SEO and search engine ranking.

Also, the search engine wants to avoid the useless load of its indexed servers.

It mainly focuses on providing the best content to the users and it tries to display only the one best version of the same content.

However, most of the time search engine fails to do this and some similar versions of the same content pages get shown on the search results.


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