Submit Your Videos to Make Money Online Youtube Channel and Increase Your YouTube Channel’s View, Subscribers and Online Visibility. Best and fastest way to grow your Youtube Channel.

What are the Benefits of Submitting Videos on “Make Money Online” Youtube Channel?

If I found Your Video is “AWESOME”, Then I will publish it on My Main Youtube Channel AVSTech – Anant Vijay Soni.

  • You will Get Passive Income Monthly (75% Revenue). Whatever your video/videos will earn monthly.
  • Get a Good Number of Views and Also subscribers for your Youtube channel.

What Type of Videos You can Submit:

You can submit any type of video that is related to making money online niche. Or you can check our both channels for a complete understanding of the video content.

Here is some Recommended Topics or Niche:

Video Content not allowed:

Here are some examples, We don’t allow this type of video content (I will check all submitted videos manually). Obviously No Adult Content.

  • Whatever content is not allowed as per YouTube Community Guidelines & Policies.
  • No duplicate videos (If you already added any video on Your Youtube channel or any other Youtube channel)
  • No Fake Apps & Websites with or without Investment.
  • Tips & Tricks that will not work for subscribers.

Check Before Submit Videos:

  • Please make video dedicated to Our Channel.
  • No Reuse Content and Creative Commons Content?
  • You Added the End Screen (in last 20 second) Download Here.
  • Make sure your video is point to point and catchy content. (Recommended 5-10 Min. No longer than 15 minutes)
  • Youtube Shorts is also allowed with Original voice (no external music)
  • Make sure you own the right to use all music & images on the video (If possible don’t use any external background music) refer Youtube Music Library.
  • Make sure your video does not contain unappropriate language, images, or sounds (Hindi is preferred language).

When Your Videos Published?

After submitting your videos, I will manually review all videos and if your video is a good fit for our channels, I will download and upload it to any one of our channels. and schedule all videos on daily basis. There is no exact date and time. but If your is good and follow the above guidelines, It will be published ASAP (An average 2-4 days).

How we Calculate Your Income:

We will check the revenue/income of your Youtube video and then send it to you. Youtube provides the revenue report for individual videos. (Just link below image)

Adsense Earning from a one video

I will check the Currency Conversion Rate on My Bank Statement. This price varies on the dollar prices.

Currency Conversion of Adsense Income in Bank Statement

Your Monthly Income = 75% of Your video’s revenue (or total of all videos) x  conversion price

For example, Your video’s March month revenue is $100. Then 75% is $75 and in rupees,
$75×73.05= ₹ 5478.75. You will get ₹5478.75 in your bank account or online wallet.

* 73.05 is Currency Conversion Rate provided by Google or our bank.

When & How I Pay Your Revenue:

I will pay your revenue after 26th of every month (As Youtube pay me between 23-26). You need to submit your Bank Details or Paytm or UPI on this form: Click Here and Submit Your Details.

Note: Make Sure you submitted your details from the 20-25 date of every month.

Submit Video Here:

After submitting this form, You will get a confirmation email with all your submitted information.

If there is any issue with Loading Above Video Submission Form. Please go through this DIRECT LINK and Submit Video and all details — Click Here