How to Earn Money Online??? In 2022, Making money online is just like making noodles. It’s easy and super fast!!! But you need a perfect platform with an ideal strategy. And also Beware of Fraud Websites & Peoples!!!

Don’t worry!!! I am Anant Vijay Soni here, who will do all this work for you; I will tell you all the Easy & 100% working ways to earn money, also share all the trusted websites from where you can start making money; by today and Yes!!! It’s real hard cash.

How to earn money online 2022

Before one year, I have written an article: Top 100 ways to make money online, But after some time I realize, It’s tough to choose from a list of 100, So today I am going to share only the Top 10 Easy & Best Ways to Earn money online from your home, and most of the works are without investment. If you are a beginner and don’t have money, you can start making money without investing money.

It’s my advice that if you are earning, you need to invest in yourself, you need to develop new skills or upgrade your skills, and as you increase new skills, you will grow faster.

If you want to earn money, you have to focus on your favourites & what you like. Because if you like the work, only you can do any work well. You can earn good money by following any method. If you want to make money by doing some work for years, choose the way you like. Nothing is good or bad. It is up to you how well you can do that work. So let’s know how to make money?

I know that daily you and thousands of people are searching on google below questions:

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  • and so on…

Still do not get a satisfying answer or never found a simple money-making website. Today I will share a few best ways to make money online that I have already tested and earned a lot. I will also show you proofs. Let’s Get Started!!!


(100% Working) Easy ways to make money online from anywhere in the world. As you need few ways need a little investment and most are without investment.

1. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is of my most favourite passive income sources. and I have earned Rs. 65 Lakhs in 1 yearDropshipping is just like affiliate marketing or online selling; It’s like affiliate marketing because whatever you sell on your store, all are other’s products. You will need to add a margin, and this MARGIN is your REAL PROFIT.

You need to invest in creating a dropshipping store. There is no need to invest in purchasing products, No need for a warehouse to store your products, No need for packing and shipping.

It’s simple; You will place an order on the seller’s website when you sell your online store. Still confusing, check out this dropshipping explained image below:

What is dropshipping? - Start dropshipping business and generate 7 figure Passive Income

Dropshipping works worldwide. You can start dropshipping in India and also worldwide. Depends on your targeted audience.

There are lots of platforms where you can create your dropshipping store, but my recommended platforms are:

  1. Shopify
  2. WooCommerce
  3. 3dcart

2. Affiliate Marketing

In simple words, Affiliate marketing means “suggest and earn,” no direct selling. You need to suggest the best products to your friends and family or on social media, and when someone purchases anything from your unique affiliate link, You will get a commission for your brilliant work. As simple as that.

Affiliate marketing is the best and easiest way to earn money online. It’s easy because you don’t need any technical skills, and you need to understand affiliate marketing and how it works. You can start affiliate earning by today.

Affiliate Marketing Payment Proof - How to earn money online

What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing. You will get a commission when you send a customer to the affiliate website, and the customer will complete a purchase or task.

It’s effortless to get success in affiliate because:

  • No need for any technical skills.
  • You can start without investment.
  • Need a good sense of humour & understand market trends.
  • You don’t need your own products. Use the best-selling and top-ranking products/services from trusted brands.

Check out this ultimate list of Top Affiliate Networks & Platforms.

3. Blogging

Blogging is my favourite source of passive income, as you read this article on my blog ( And here I am, sharing my own experience, suggestions, and tutorials with my readers. And my main goal is to make you financially strong with unique ideas. It may be related to blogging, passive income, online money, or how to grow your business or online store, and more and more.

Google Adsense Earning Proof - Make money Blogging

I am sharing what I learned in the last ten years, so my readers will use it to grow their business blogs or online store and whatever they are doing. Like me, You can also start a blog and earn from it.

Blogging provides you with different types of ways to make money. Like:

  • Affiliate marketing – You can share products, services, or software reviews.
  • Adsense – Start Monetizing your blog with Google Adsense ads or Google Adsense alternatives.
  • Own Services – You can show your services, like web design, logo design, data entry, etc
  • Sell Digital Goods – You can sell online digital goods like eBooks, own software, Own copyright banners & images.
  • Direct Ad Space – You can sell Direct Ad Space for advertisers and promoters.

Check out our online courses: How to Start Blogging & Make Money Blogging?

4. Freelancing

Freelancing is my second best choice to start earning online. Like affiliate marketing, you can begin freelancing without any investment. But you need anyone skill to start your freelancing career, just like data entry, web design, social media marketing, logo & graphic designing, etc.

I have also started my career as a freelancer on oDesk (now Its Upwork) and earned more than $1,500 per month on one freelancing platform, Upwork. Nowadays, you have many other options for freelancing websites like Fiverr, Peopleperhour, and more.

Upwork Profile (Earning Proof) - Best Freelancing website

Best Freelancing websites —

  • More and more…

5. Youtube

Youtube is one of my most favourite ways to earn money. I also have good Youtube Channels with a good number of subscribers, Avstech – Anant Vijay Soni. It’s my primary channel related to passive income & money-making tips & tricks, and more.

Avstech - Anant Vijay Soni YouTube Channel

Making money on Youtube is easy because you don’t need any technical skills, do whatever you like. You can create funny videos, educational tutorials, teach playing any instrument, motivational videos, or what you love to do. 

Creating a youtube channel is easy as making a maggie. Just 2 minutes!!! You need to create a Gmail account or use your existing Gmail account. And login on youtube with the same email and create a youtube channel. That’s It!!!

Follow the below steps to Become a YouTuber:

  1. SELECT A NICHE — First think!!! What do you like? And on which topic can you make good videos? On youtube, all types of audiences are available, so you have to choose the topic of your choice. Like you thought of making videos on bikes.
  2. CREATE YOUTUBE CHANNEL — All you need is the email id, and you can create your channel. Name the channel so that it is easy to read and remember the people. Everything will be found on YouTube for free.
  3. RECORD VIDEO — There is a lot of option to record video. Like if you want to make videos on bikes. You can tell the detail of any bike about its design, speed, and mileage. You can create videos by taking images from Google on a new bike to be launched. If there is a bike race, you can record and upload their bike race. Some people keep stunting on the bike; you can record them. You can compare between 2 better bikes. There is no shortage of options, open your mind, be a little creative, and you will see options.
  4. UPLOAD VIDEO — Uploading is easy, just click on upload and add details about your video. Video uploading has three main parts—Title – Whatever you want to give the video’s title. Here also, the keyword runs, so make the title above the keyword.
    • Description – Here, give a description of the video. What about that, also put keywords in it.
    • Meta keyword – Here, you have to enter the keyword which people can use to find your video.
  5. MONETIZE IT — When you gain a good number of views, you complete a youtube monetization milestone. You can apply for monetization and earn money by showing Google Ads on it. Making YouTube videos is very creative and exciting work to earn money online.

Check out this unique series related to Youtube: How to Become a Successful Youtuber? 

6. Create Your Own Store

It’s just like you are selling on Amazon, Flipkart. and the only difference is It’s your own brand new store. Whatever you earn, it’s all yours. There is no need to pay any commission for selling, and all terms and conditions depend on you.

What you need to start an online store:

It’s simple!!! But you have to work harder to make your store a BRAND because people trust brands.

And after some time, you can convert your store to an online marketplace, where other sellers can sell products. And you will earn a commission on every sale.

7. Forum & Membership Website 

Next, Best recommended the money-making idea is to create a website for others. Just like a forum or a membership website. Believe it or not???, this idea is one of the most trending ideas of the universe. You can check thousands of forums and membership websites with their earning.

2019-2020 Monthly Earning Proof of Forum

These websites will give you double and triple earning without any work. You need to invest some money in web design and promotion, and then you will make money for your whole life without any content writing and skills.

Best Ideas to create a new website:

  • Membership website (with Free & paid Members) – You can earn by membership fees, Adsense ads, Sponsored ads & affiliate marketing.
  • Online Forum & Niche Forum – You can earn membership fees, Sponsored ads, Adsense ads & affiliate marketing.
  • Online Directory – Create an online directory where people can share links and blogs to get a good backlink and traffic. You can earn by Sponsored content, Adsense ads, premium submission cost & affiliate marketing, and more.

8. Survey & Reviews

Survey & Reviews is also an excellent way to earn free money in your spare time, and the best part is without investment. And the problem is there are lots of fraud websites, so always choose the best websites for guaranteed payout.

Univox Community Payment Proof - Earn money by completing surveys

My Recommended Survey Sites:

Believe it or not, I have earned more than $2,000 from the first two websites. And the payout is always on time via Paypal and PayTM.

9. Reselling

Product reselling is also the easiest way to generate handsome earning. There are many reselling websites and apps, and the best part is you don’t need your website and no investment.

Few Top reselling apps like Meesho, Glowroad, and Milmila. You need to create an account, start sharing on WhatsApp and social media with your price (Including your margin); this margin is your actual profit. With reselling, You can start making money by today!!!

Best recommended Reselling Apps:

| Read More: Best Reselling Apps & Websites to start a reselling business from home without investment?

10. Dropservicing Business

Dropservicing is just like Dropshipping, and the only difference is that you will sell services instead of products. You will sell other people’s services and earn a margin on every sale.

Let’s see how this drop service model works?

What is drop Servicing? - Start drops servicing and earn money online

In this Drop Servicing Model, You need to find some good and trending services, add all these services to your website. And when someone order on your website, send the same order to the service provider. The service provider will deliver services to you. And you will provide to your client. As simple as that!

11. Buying & Selling Websites/Domains

Domain selling is fantastic because there is no need for technical skills. Buying a domain at less price and selling it at your price.

In addition, If you want to earn more, you can sell websites, But website selling needs a little bit of knowledge and skill of web designing. And it’s not hard to learn web designing.

You can enrol in our web designing & blogging course. And you will learn everything about website designing. And then you are ready to take orders.

There are many platforms in the market to sell domains and websites free of cost. You can create an account on Flippa and list all your domains and websites. And when you get sales, you need to give a commission after that. That’s It!!!

12. Online Teaching & Courses

Just like Youtube and Freelancing, Online teaching is also my favourite one. Online teaching is divided into two parts. First, you can record your videos on any topic and create an online course. And second, you can take one by one online class or a webinar type class; this one is a live class from your home.

Udemy Instructor Revenues - Make money teaching online

There are many online platforms where you can sell your online courses for free, and they will charge when someone enrols in your course. And if you are thinking about how you get students? Then don’t worry!!! They already have thousands of students waiting for new and latest courses.

Yes!!! Online teaching and course selling are easy because you need a camera (or you can use your mobile) and maybe a screen recorder software like Movavi Screen Recorder and Editor, depending on your course requirement. That’s It!!!

13. Translation & Transcription

Similarly, Translation and Transcription is other trending way to start online earning. However, It’s the most effortless work for beginners because you don’t need any technical skills. If you know any two languages like Hindi and English, you can start by today.

In translation, you must have writing knowledge of two languages or more, and you need to translate any document from one language to another. You can use Google Translator but read and edit manually for human touch after translation from google translator. You can use Grammarly to check the grammar of your translated document.

In Transcription, you need to convert from audio to text format. That’s why you must have a good knowledge of anyone language. It’s easy because you will type whatever you listen to in the recording and live audio—no need for any technical skills, just basic computer knowledge & typing skills.

14. Sell Online

There are many platforms where you can sell your products without any investment. You need to pay a fee when you get sales, and your products will be sold. And the best part of this way is that You don’t have to invest in advertising and promotions because these websites already have millions of traffic.

You need to create an account on these websites and list your products. Make sure you use High-quality images and a good title and description. These are the three things that will show your product on search results.

The best platform to sell online:

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Paytm
  • eBay
  • Myntra
  • and more

15. PTC Website & Micro Jobs

Like Freelancing, you can start working on the Micro Jobs and PTC websites. There is no skill needed for micro jobs and PTC websites.

PTC stands for “PAID TO CLICK”. You will get paid for every click, register on some PTC websites, start clicking on advertisers’ websites; wait for 10-15 seconds, points will be added to your account. Finally, convert these points into cash/money.

Micro Jobs are simple tasks like form filling, like an image on social media, signup on any website, data entry, and looking like the same tasks. There is no need for skills to start working on Micro Job websites, and it’s easy with instant payout.

16. Make Money From PPD Websites

PPD network means “Pay per Download”. Just upload any files and documents, and when someone downloads your file, you will get paid.

Those who download these files must complete a survey first or go through an ads page. After surveying, their file gets downloaded, and you get the money.

You can upload files such as pictures/images, videos, applications, and software.

Just share the link of your stored files with your friends & family. Share these links on Facebook, Twitter, or various social networking websites.

List of the top pay per download websites:

  • Fileices
  • Indicash
  • Userscloud
  • Sharecash
  • Userscloud

These all above are the best recommended and trusted ways to earn money online without investment, and even you are a beginner. Let’s see a few more ways to make money online with a small investment. And sometimes you have an opportunity to start with a trial and if you like it. Extend your subscriptions.

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Conclusion —

Now, It’s time to decide what you will start this year! I have already shared all the possible and trusted ways to earn money online. And if you still think. How to earn money online? Then I have an extensive list… 100+ best ways to make money online. You can check it and decide as per your skills and capability.

Suppose you know any other BEST WAYS TO EARN MONEY ONLINE. Please don’t forget to COMMENT BELOW!!! And if you have already decided on anyone, please comment on your decisions!!!


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