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Link investing is a unique SEO concept and doing it regularly will fetch you rich rewards in your feature blogging career.

And, the interesting part is – You don’t have to pay even a penny for your investment, despite the tremendous future SEO benefits.

Obviusly as you know Guest Blogging is the genuine way to to get backlinks, but you need to work on best link building strategies. Every backlink provides a link juice to boost your website.

Let see everything in details…

So, what really is this link investing?

Link investing is “ Investing or acquiring low-value links today and get the benefits of high PR links in future, in the long-term. ”

Link Investing is not a way, It’s a great strategy to get backlinks for your new blog or website. Investment in links is a future growth strategy for a long-term plan.

Benefits of link investing

  1. You get high PR backlinks in the future – You get PR 5 or PR 7 links
  2. Your acquisition cost is almost nil – You spend nothing on this
  3. An easy way to acquire high PR links – You spend fewer efforts and time

How to do – Link Investing

1. Spotting Low PR Promising Sites:

You have to shortlist low Google PR blogs in your niche which have the potential to grow in the future. The same niche is most important here, otherwise, the main purpose will be null and void.

The number of blogs in your list depends on your link building strategy. Start with 5 to 10 blogs in the beginning.

Again, your shortlisted blogs should be promising enough to make your link investment successful. Blogs which are 6 to 8 months old, with a Google Page Rank of 1 or 2, posting high-quality content regularly and domain registration period is at least 2 to 3 yrs are few important signs to spot promising blog.

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2. Guest Blogging:

There is a greater chance of acceptance of your guest post on these low PR blogs, as opposed to high PR.

If you are guest blogging for some time, you must have aware of the difficulty of posting on authoritative and high PR blogs. Many times they reject your guest post straightway without responding your Email.

Because, not only they have a battalion of quality content writers, but also get tons of high-quality guest posting requests, every day.

3. Avoid Exact Anchor Texts:

The backlinks you put at the end of your posts is your currency (Savings) and plays the most important role.

The anchor texts should be your dream keywords related to your niche. And, shouldn’t be the same on your every guest posts. Google penalizes heavily for sites having exact anchor texts as backlinks.

So, make a solid list of anchor texts by through brainstorming, and put them turn-wise, naturally, with or without altering a bit.

SEO Benefits of Link Investment

Suppose you have acquired 10 backlinks from 5 high potential blogs with Google Page Rank 1 or 2. After 2 or 3 yrs, if the same blogs will become Page Rank 5 or 7, your investment will be 5 folds! Without even spending a penny!!

If you are not a great copywriter, or not a famous expert in your niche or field, or without having an authoritative website or blog, you can’t even think of guest posting on PR 7 or PR 9 sites.

Final words:

If you are a serious blogger, planning to pursue your blogging career for long-term, maybe for the next 10 to 14 years, then start investing in low PR links today.

Accumulate good numbers of high potential links over a period of time to become an authoritative blog in the future. And, you must be aware that “ How much Google likes blogs who acquire links in a natural way. ”


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