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More than 80% of bloggers don’t give much importance to the ‘article heading.’

They either write a heading to please the Google with proper Search Engine Optimization, or they try to amuse their daddy dear by writing a 100% witty heading. Is there any way to accomplish both the goals? Of course, it’s there!

Today we will dissect this post’s article heading to find out the solution, to impress not only Google but also the dumbest reader of your blog.

My case: Look at the heading of this post. Now dissect it into 2 parts.


1st Part: ‘Article heading’ is the keyword of this article. After grinding this keyword in the Google Keyword Tool, I found out that it receives 27,100 global monthly searches (data as on today, May 9th, 2012). Also, I checked the competition level for this keyword, which is low, great!

Now my aim is to sprinkle this keyword throughout the post, in such a natural way that Google will love to index it and rank it higher in the SERP.

Gone are the days, when SEO practitioners used to put the same keyword in the URL (beginning) + Post heading + 1st line of the post + 1st paragraph + 25 times in the body + last paragraph + Last line + 5 times bold faced + 50 times in the meta keywords, blah ..blah..blah.

Google Panda and Penguin are ever ready to beat webmasters like a rented mule, landing in Google ICU for an infinite period, if the later overuse SEO.

If you look at the entire article, I have repeated my keyword for 6 times only, every time in a natural way. And, I am damn sure Google is loving it, as much as you.

Composition: Serious + Crispy + SEO Optimized

2nd Part: This part of the article heading is cherry on ice.

This is the part you should leverage as much as you can to impress not only your daddy dear but also the dumbest reader of your blog. Make it as much interesting, controversial, or weird as possible to grab the attention of web-surfers on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Composition: Descriptive + Funny + Thought provoking

Final result

Let’s check the keyword ‘article heading’ in Google search on the SERPs. Is Google really loving it? Of course, b’cos you as a reader also loved it.

Now I am heading towards the balcony for some fresh air, and I promise, I will be back after a few minutes to address your comments below.

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