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Data entry and copy paste jobs are the best and simplest way to start your earning as a freelancer. There is no need for any technical knowledge and any hard skills. You need a computer or an internet connection to start your work. and Obviously you need a good typing speed.

So your next question is What is data entry? and what is copy paste jobs? Let me explain in details, Don’t forget to check the best 100 ways to make money online.

What is Data Entry?

Data entry is a process to convert any hard copy of data in the soft copy using devices such as a keyboard, scanner, disk, and voice. In simple words, It’s a process of inputting information or data into the computer.

You can choose data entry as a profession because we are in 2021 – A digital world. If you are from India or from any country, whole worlds are now digitized. and in this digital world, there is no need for non-electric or hard copy data. everyone is saving data in the form of soft copy, it may be an excel sheet, Microsoft word data, image, pdf or any database.

Just because everyone wants his data in his hard drive or in cloud space. That’s the only reason for the high demand for Data Entry Jobs. and here’s your talent is starts to get a good data entry job online.

What is Data entry jobs?

Data Entry Jobs or Typing Jobs are the tasks which are completed by the online freelancers or any employee. They input data in a computer from forms, sheets or other non-electronic forms of data.

Data entry is a never-ending job just because of the high demand for data entry clerks. nowadays every small and big company needs a data entry operator or clerk. You can easily find offline or online work.

As today we are discussing the Online data entry jobs,

Types of Data Entry Jobs?

If you are thinking data entry is only one thing or its only one type of work, but here I will show you all the possible types of data entry.

  • Simple Data Entry
  • Scan Copy to sheet/word document (Image to doc conversion)
  • PDF to Document Conversion.
  • Adding the product in ecommerce websites
  • Ad posting jobs

Beware of Data Entry Fraud Sites.

As a told you data entry is a high demand job and everyone is also looking for work. then here’s FRAUD IS STARTS You need to take care and identify which is genuine and fraud?

Buy your question is how?

Here is some point, which helps you to identify its a fraud or a genuine website or company:

  1. Contact details: Check out the Contact page, Is all details are mentioned here or not. Or the company using a free email like Gmail, Yahoo or using a professional email like [email protected] Because trusted companies always provide all details, Like Address, Customer Care Number, and a Professional Email address for support.
  2. Domain Registration: Find Domain registration details on Check out website registration date and Name Servers. If a company is registered just 1-6 month or 1 Year. We can not trust.
  3. Reviews: Check reviews on Google & Youtube with Comments. (Never forget to read comments below the blog and video)
  4. Social Proof: Social proof is the best way to find a company is genuine or fake. You can check facebook, twitter, and even LinkedIn also. Just need to search about company. if there is any proof which says, it’s not giving payment or it’s not accepting work, or it’s not replying for my emails. Then immediately leave that fake company.

So your next question is where you will find these data entry and copy paste jobs online. don’t worry, I have already researched hundreds of website and find real, genuine and high paying Top data entry and copy-paste websites.

Top 10 Online Data Entry Jobs sites & Copy Paste Jobs

1. Upwork (Paid)

Upwork - Best Website for Data Entry and Copy Paste Jobs

Upwork is one of the most popular and trusted platforms or a website for freelancers and for freelancing work. You can find any type of work on Upwork like Data Entry, Copy paste Jobs, Web Designing, Logo Designing, Social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Jobs, etc.

I started working as a freelancer with upwork over 5 years ago and at that time I became a top-rated freelancer. so I’m gonna share my pros and cons of working for Upwork as a freelancer with you.

here are the pros and cons that I have experienced over the years of working as a freelancer with Upwork. let’s find out if Upwork is right for you or not?

Pros & Cons of Upwork

Biggest Cons of Upwork, After the New Update on June 25, 2019. Upwork is now charging $0.15 for each connects. and you need at least 2-6 Connects to apply in most of the jobs.

A big pro is that there are both hourly and fixed payment jobs available there are also long-term and short-term jobs available. so a con for this is the time that you spend looking for a job it’s not as simple as just sending in your resume.

You do need to review all of the different job postings and go through and create a proposal for each job that you want to apply to you.

Also, need to tell them how much you’re willing to accept to complete that job, so that means you need to research the job you’re applying for as well so it is a bit more time-consuming than just sending a basic resume and cover letter out to a regular job.

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You’ve got the freedom to pick any job that is offered to you you can say yes… you can say no. so if it doesn’t fit what you’re looking for feel free to say no you don’t have to take the job.

A pros with the credits is also that clients and Upwork can invite you to apply to a job if they send you an invite you don’t need to use your credits for this position. so if you’re a resume your profile and your portfolio are all up to date and show, what a great hire you would be you are more likely to.

Get invites from upwork and clients saving you those credits and saving you the time of searching through all of the different available jobs. A con for upwork is that there are fees involved so if you work for a client you get hired, you are going to have to pay a fee of twenty percent of that job this is just deducted from the amount that you make.

You’re not paying a separate payment to upwork. once you’re working this job. it’s deducted from what you are earning and they do reward you for working long term with specific clients so. if you have a client and you make over five hundred dollars and one cent with that client your fee will to 10% instead of 20% and then. if you make over $10,000 with that client your fee will go down to 5%.

The con is that you don’t get rewarded for the number of jobs you do. so if you do a bunch of small short-term jobs. there is no discount on the number of fees that you’re going to be paying. because it’s not one specific client. so keep that in mind when you’re deciding what type of jobs best suit you.

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A big con for upwork is that once you start working with a client where you’re stuck on upwork. you can’t take the work off of their platform and get rid of the fees that upwork is charging you have to stay on their platform or you could potentially be in breach of the contract and have to pay fees to upwork for doing.


2. PeoplePerHour (Free)

PeoplePerHour - Anant Vijay Soni Profile

PeoplePerHour is a UK-based company which provides an online platform, that giving freedom to freelance workers to start work from home or from anywhere.

People Per Hour is also the best freelancing website. You can consider as an upwork alternative. As now, Upwork is paid. then, we need a website with “free to apply” website, where we can create a free profile and portfolio. and Apply on jobs for FREE.

I have created a video on People per hour, where I have shown you that you can earn 1600/- per hour from by Data Entry Freelance Jobs.

Join People Per Hour

3. Freelancers (Free)

Freelancer - Data Entry & Copy Paste Jobs

Freelancer is a Sydney based company, also has offices in Vancouver, London, Buenos Aires, Manila, and Jakarta. Founded in 2009.

It’s a worldwide crowd-based outsourcing marketplace, which allows employers to post jobs that freelancers can bid to complete and making money from home. You can consider as an upwork alternative. Because it’s also a free platform, where you can apply on jobs for free.

Join Freelancer

4. (Free) - Data Entry and Copy Paste Jobs is one of the top 10 freelancer platforms, which provides an ultimate marketplace for employer and freelancers both.

The employer can post a job with her specific budget and requirement, and freelancer can apply on jobs, and best freelancers will get the opportunity to work on the project.

There is no cost to post jobs for employers and also same for freelancers, there is no cost to apply on jobs. there are also some paid services with premium benefits.


5. (Free)

Fiverr - Best Micro site to sell your Data Entry Services

Nowadays, Fiverr is the most popular and cheapest freelancing marketplace. Its cheap price is the main reason for the attention of employers. In Fiverr, most of the services (called Gigs) starts with just $5.

You can say that Fiverr is a Micro Job Site. As a Freelancer, you can create unlimited gigs to sell your services and you can earn a handsome income from the fiverr. You can create an impressive profile and services as per your skills.


6. (Paid) - Best website for Data Entry and Copy Paste JobsFlexJobs is a paid platform for data entry and micro-jobs. If you are looking for Remote Jobs, Part-Time Jobs, Freelance Jobs and want to work with top companies like Dell, Salesforce, Apple, PWC, SAP and more, then Flexjobs is the best place for you.

As I told you, It’s a premium platform, that’s the reason Its paid freelancing platform. You can create a profile for FREE, but if you want to apply on jobs, you need a paid subscription. and FlexJobs subscription plans start with $14.95.

FlexJobs Subscription Plans

Flexjobs is much better than other freelance premium sites because they provide 30-day money-back guaranteed if you are not satisfied with the flexjobs services and dedicated customer support. I think that’s enough reason to join the flexjobs.


I hope you like this list of Top Websites for Data Entry Copy Paste Jobs. feel free to recommend some more best and trusted websites for data entry and freelancing jobs. Please comment below with your recommendations.



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