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An Entrepreneur understands the basic principles of Online Market Research on making easy money through online paid survey sites. The idea of making money online from home is always one of the most discussed concerning topics when it comes to making more money. Taking paid online surveys is a simple task you can do to make money in your spare time.

Survey companies work with Market Researchers businesses that require information into entirely new ideas or merchandise before reaching the market. Entrepreneurs frequently share their new ideas and essential tips to get the best survey sites or process innovations for new market research.

You’ll make money for answering questions or exchange thoughts and opinions that will help brands enhance their products.

Tips & Tricks to Make Money from Surveys

1. Sign Up for As Many Paid Survey Sites

To increase your earning potential and get regular survey possibilities. Sign up for as many best-paid survey sites as possible.

This would not only significantly reduce your dependence on one survey site but also allow you to recognize the best-paying survey sites.

2. Never Pay to Access Survey Sites

Users should never pay any amount to access any survey site. First of all, remember that no legitimate survey site asks you to pay an advance fee before giving access to paid surveys online. At least I don’t have seen these kinds of websites. So, if any method survey sites demand you to pay before you earn anything at all, stay away from it.

3. Dedicated Survey Email

Most online survey sites send out an email with an invitation to a survey based on your user profile. This indicates you are receiving numerous emails from all survey sites. You will get online paid survey opportunities via email to all the registered users who match their criteria.

It’s always advised to make use of a different email address dedicated only for survey invitations. If you miss out on any survey invitation, you will lose a little money. To stay away from this, apply for a new email address.

4. Avoid Disqualification to Save Time

Some online surveys may even make you disqualified for the ongoing survey you are already halfway through, make your current selection, and match your user profile for the online survey demographics. After spending 10 to 30 minutes of your precious time giving answers to surveys later, a popup showing you are disqualified for the survey will be a massive waste of time.

To avoid all these, it is always suggested to pick the survey sites which ask you what kind of surveys you would like to get when you sign up and fill your profile. Some paid survey sites let you know whether you’re perfectly matched or pre-qualified even before you begin a survey. This indicates there will be one more mini-survey to examine whether you will be suitable to get an actual paid survey.

5. Find Private Survey Opportunities

Other than these survey websites, you can find location-specific focus groups or private survey opportunities in different Facebook and LinkedIn groups. Try looking for them on these panels.

Plus, continue to keep an eye on your industry publications and research companies since these people also need online survey participants regularly.

Find Private Survey Opportunities

6. Use Auto-Fill to Submit Surveys

I highly recommend using Google Chrome for filling up all the online paid surveys. Chrome has an auto-fill feature by default that will assist you to fill in survey answers faster by filling out all the details easily for you.

7. Install Antivirus

Many survey websites use third-party platforms to execute online surveys. To be on the safer side it’s always much better to install an antivirus with a firewall to avoid unnecessary pop-ups and malware which are entering into your Laptop and computer system.

8. Set your devoted time for surveys

Like any other job, if you dedicate your specific free time to complete online surveys, you will make passive income. Completing just one or two surveys will not reflect a lot of money in your account. You will have to take many surveys every day and complete these all to observe actual money growing.

Creating a specific time for completing an online survey will help you keep out of the computer monitor for a significant amount of time. If you have one to two hours every day for the survey, you can keep track of how many surveys you will be able to complete within this specific time period. This is like maintaining a log. Having a Log is shown to improve efficiency day by day.

9. Beware of answering your personal information

If a survey company wants you to share the information that needs to be confidential, like social security numbers or bank account details, then it’s most likely to be a data mining website rather than a legit survey site. It’s recommended to drive away from these kinds of survey sites which can be unsafe.

10. Sign Up for The Top Survey Sites in Your Region

You’re finally ready to get started signing up with different paid online survey sites. But do they assist users from your country? Most of the leading online survey sites support international users from different nations around the world, but you still have to be sure that your region is supported by the website you’re signing up for. If there’s any uncertainty, start with the survey sites in your region.

17 Best Survey Websites That Pay (High Payout)

17 topmost best-paid survey sites in the list below, I’ve shared some of the most popular survey sites in the world and most of them support worldwide users as well. I have also earned a handsome amount from these best survey websites. That pays you more than $500 per month.


Cinchbucks - Best Survey Website

Cinchbucks is a leading and top GPT (get paid to) website, trusted by over 1 million users worldwide. Which is a trusted leader in collecting the opinions of consumers across the world.

Cinchbucks is an online data research community that values and rewards its users for doing enjoyable. You can sign up on this website no matter where in the world you live, but the amounts of offers differ from country to country. It offers you free cash and gift cards, and other rewards for the things you already do online daily.

You can earn CB’s points when you take surveys, taking online offers, inviting friends (refer & earn), and get promo codes (also called Cinch codes) with free points (CB’s). After collecting specific CB’s (points), you can redeem them with PayPal cash, Payza, Visa and Mastercard, and a wide range of gift cards from your favorite retailers like Amazon, iTunes, and Walmart or etc. Cinchbucks offers a 20% lifetime referral program.

Univox Community

Univox Community | Best Survey Website Worldwide

Univox Community is one of the best survey websites. Trusted by more than 1 million users worldwide, even in India also. I have earned 40+ Thousand ($500+) from this website.

Univox Community provides lots of opportunities to earn money, You can make money by completing surveys, polls, referring friends, and more. When you sign up to Univox Community you will get 200 points worth a $2 signup amount. The Minimum payout is $10 (PayPal) or 1000 points for a basic and verified user level. but when you reach premium and ambassador level you can redeem 500 points (equivalent to $5).

There are lots of Payout methods like PayPal, Amazon & Flipkart gift cards, and more for India, Payout methods depend on your country. and It is available worldwide.

Some more ways to make money from Univox Community are fortune of wheel, wall of fame, and more. but my favorite ways are to complete surveys and refer friends. when you refer a friend, you will get a lifetime of 10% passive income whatever your friends will earn. It’s really amazing!!!


YouGov - Best Survey Website

YouGov is a fascinating online survey panel. It has particular online survey panels for several countries, and it also has a US market analysis -panel. You can only make money by taking surveys. On the site or in their newsletter, if you sign up for that, you will be ready to view the results and observe how media the results have been used. You can make points every period you take a survey online, and these points can be exchanged directly into a variety of existing cards, prepaid Visa, and more.

YouGov will email you when a fresh new survey gets to be available for you to answer. You can expect to get 5-7 new surveys per week, and it’s exceptionally uncommon that you won’t be eligible for the surveys recommended to you. YouGov allows users for a low cash out threshold of 5,000 points; Rewards point even if they don’t qualify for a survey. The website is well-designed and easy to use.

Read: Full Review of YouGov: How to make money from YouGov India?


Prizerebel - Best Survey Website

PrizeRebel is a GPT (get paid to) site with several ways to earn money online. You can join no matter where in the world your home is, but the amounts of surveys offer a change from country to country. The Country Presence in the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, and many a lot more.

You can make money by doing research, taking online offers, welcoming friends, getting paid to play games, getting a daily challenge bonus, taking part in free contests, and getting promo rules with free points occasionally. You can get paid through PayPal or select from many gift cards, and the payout control is high-speed. Signing up to PrizeRebel is free and simple; it takes a few mins.

PrizeRebel provides a lot of various prize options to suit anyone’s needs. There are some high-paying surveys available on this website, and it will take a little time to accumulate points if you want to get those large payouts. The website has a sleek design.


ClixSense - Best Survey Website

ClixSense is mainly an online survey site, but it also has some different other ways to earn. It is accessible worldwide and gives good options in most of the world. ClixSense is an online survey site that promises to pay you for finishing surveys, offers, and simple tasks.

It is pretty easy to use the Clixsense panel, Available for high-paying tasks. This is Accessible in mobile apps, Low payment threshold, Transparent privacy policy. ClixSense is a legitimate website.

Clixsense offers an attractive user interface with many online survey options available. Clixsense offers an extensive catalog of gift cards and merchandise choices. Some of the gift card options include Starbucks, iTunes, Walmart, Amazon, eBay cards, and many others.


Toluna - Best Survey Website

Toluna is one of the best paid online survey sites which offer you Cint surveys. The world’s leading organizations of products and services what you think and earn money online by participating in surveys. You can also share your thoughts and opinions via polls and opinions you create directly on Toluna.

You can make money, free products and services, gift cards, merchandise, and so much more. Toluna Payouts is fast and quick through PayPal, Wire transfer, from various gift cards, Prepaid virtual credit cards. The signup bonus is a little week (just $0.30). Availability in the USA, Canada, Russia, and Australia. avg-Payout Per Survey $0.30 to $1.00. Although you won’t always get free products and services, Toluna could be a good choice for users who like getting freebies.

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel - Best Survey Website

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel is different from almost all other online survey panels on this list. It is a very trustworthy panel and one of the oldest and largest customer research organizations. You will install an app/software on your system mobile/iPad, and this will give the panel all info about your online use. It gives you to assist a lot of methods for research and studies and also help how to get money from this.

Nielsen has a specific panel for the country’s presence in Australia, the US, UK & many nations around the world, and it can be a great way to help shape the online world of the future while making a reward for it. You can redeem them with cash and a wide range of gift cards from your favorite retailers. Payout method PayPal Cash, gifts cards, and products to test and keep.


Swagbucks - Best Survey Website Worldwide

Swagbucks is one of the biggest GPT websites in the world and has more than 20 million users. Swagbucks is a unit of the market research community. Swagbucks will show you how to earn rewards for the activities you are already doing online. Swagbucks has really good opportunities here.

You are able to for example receive a commission to watch videos, surf, playing games, taking online offers, get cashback for shopping online, get a regular activity bonus, and offer a $5 sign-up bonus. You may get paid through PayPal, Wire transfer, or choose from a large variety of gift cards (including Amazon, Walmart). 

The signup bonus is a little week (just $0.50) or 50 SB points welcome bonus when you Signup using the link below. Availability in the UK, USA, Canada, and many others, Avg. Payout Per Survey $0.50 to $2.00.


CinchDollars  - Best Survey Site/Website

Cinchdollars is an online data research company and our vision is to help to make the voice of the consumer heard by large businesses on a variety of exciting subjects. Cinchdollars is a reliable leader in voicing the opinions of consumers globally. This is an online survey site, which based in Eleven International locations.

Cinchdollars is different from other survey panels because its polls and online surveys are generally targeted at modern-day issues or engaging ideas. It provides you cash and gift cards for the things you already do online daily. You can earn points when you take surveys, watch entertaining videos, taking online offers, inviting friends (refer & earn), and get promo codes with free points. After collecting specific points, you can redeem them with PayPal, and a wide range of gift cards. Cinchdollars offers a 20% lifetime referral program.


Crowdology - Best Survey Website

Crowdology is a market research company that pays users for doing paid surveys online and providing their opinions, your opinions will be used for marketing and advertising research reports to help enhance products and services.

Crowdology operated by UK company, Surveys range from 5 – 35 minutes and paid rewards in between $0.24 and $2.00. Crowdology is a legit and reputable survey panel. Crowdology is that the user-friendly interface and the website design and style is great looking and it is maintained up to date. This information will be opinions and cases that users like you are invited to share, and for this, you get paid.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research - Best Survey Website

Pinecone Research is one of the best paying online survey sites. It is a unique survey panel, as you are not able to join on the website itself, but only through an invitation link. Luckily you can get such an invitation for the Country Presence in the US, UK & Worldwide. The payout threshold is only $3, so you can get paid each time frame you have taken a survey if you want. You may get paid through PayPal cash, present credit cards, products, or prepaid Visa.

The point method at Pinecone Research is quite cut and dry. Each point is valued at a single cent. Surveys can award as much as 300 points. Before you redeem your points for money, you need to have 1000 points in your account. Money rewards are paid via PayPal. Pinecone Research does offer a variety of other gift cards as well. Some of them have a lower cash out threshold than if you were to use PayPal. Pinecone Research is a Trusted site, User-friendly interface, Unique rewards program.


CashCrate - Best Survey Website

CashCrate is an online paid rewards site, CashCrate is genuine and a great way to make some extra cash after completing surveys. CashCrate has a number of ways to earn rewards, can generate online surveys, take offers, play games, watch videos, invite people, and on a regular basis runs free contests, and always has extra rewards on vacations. it offers a number of different online games you can play on these sites.

It really is the site where you can free sign up. Country Presence Australia, USA, UK & many other countries.  You may get paid through Money via PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards and others, Payment per survey $1 –$5, Minimum payout is $14.


Mobrog - Best Survey Website

Mobrog is really simple and user-friendly to use and offers a good number of surveys. It has also a specific site for People from France. Once you have signed up free, you will get an email invitation for available surveys online. So, all you have to do is to click the link of accessible surveys to finish the surveys and get paid through PayPal cash.

Sometimes, it can be very little difficult to get the surveys you qualify for but there are great possibilities if you just click the link not too long after you get the invitation. It has a minimum threshold payout of $6.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars - Best Survey Website

Inbox Dollars is true as the brand suggests an American GPT (get paid to) site. You have several ways to make money online i.e., you can easily take surveys, take offers, search online, play video games, read emails, and more.

It is definitely a site with a lot of options and it is quite easy to use. It can, however, take a while to get the payout threshold it is min $15, which is high compared to other survey sites. But it does offer many daily options, you get a $1 joining reward which is a great start, and it offers a number of good payout methods, so it is certainly still a site really worth considering to join.

Each and every point is worth a single cent. To redeem a payout, you require to have at least 1,000 points in your account. You’re given 100 points just for completing your own user profile survey. When it comes to payout options, Inbox dollars Surveys is quite versatile. You can send cash directly to your PayPal account or redeem your points for digital Amazon, Walmart, and other gift cards. Inbox Dollars is a lot of high-value online surveys available.

Paid Viewpoint

Paid Viewpoint - Best Survey Website

Paid viewpoint is a genuine online paid survey site, and that is the only way you can earn on this site. It does, however, have something different for a survey site. You can also share your thoughts and opinions via polls and opinions you create directly on Paid View Point.

By completing its online surveys, your opinions will directly influence tomorrow’s products today, plus you will be rewarded. It provides you cash and gift cards for the things you already do online daily. It will not give you as numerous survey possibilities as the other sites on this list, but you know that you will surely be able to complete the ones you are offered. The country presence USA, UK, Canada, and Australia, Payout method Amazon vouchers, PayPal cash. Get rewards points for completing per survey $0.25 – $2, Minimum payout is $15. - Best Survey Website is a niche site you can join no matter where you live, and if you reside in the Country Presence in the USA, UK & lot more, it has some actually good opportunities for taking surveys. It is mostly an online paid survey site, and they have many daily opportunities like you can also earn by clicking ads, taking offers, watching videos, and participate in their free contests.

They make their website sincerely accessible to every user. It will help you to earn with the small monthly expenses. What is good about this survey site is the very low payout threshold, so you can get paid already when you have made $5, and it includes payout through PayPal cash, Skrill, and Bitcoin.

Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online - Best Survey Website

Harris Poll Online is a relatively big paid survey site, which is only available in a few countries, country presence in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia so you can free sign up for and participate if you stay right here. It is still a great way to make some additional money, just be sure to also join other paid survey sites. As this particular survey site only, it won’t give you sufficient opportunities to make money.

You may get paid through various gift cards like Amazon gift cards, eBay, or select from many other existing cards, so even though it at the time will not offer you a payout in cash, it still has some definitely good rewards options. Payout method cash and gift cards, Payment per survey vary a lot, Minimum payout $10 to redeem your points. Harris Poll Online site interface is quite simple and user-friendly.

Branded Survey

Branded Survey - Best Survey Website

Branded Surveys were earlier known or identified as Mint Vine. Their site looks fresh and updated. Branded surveys offer you ways to earn Complete online surveys that take 10-30 minutes on average, friend referrals, and other offers. You make between 50 to 200 points per referral from your friend and others. The minimum redemption amount is $10 i.e., 1,000 points inside your accounts.

Eligibility residents of the USA, Canada, Germany, and the UK. Branded Surveys constantly have lots of surveys available, making this a highly well-known site. You can redeem them with cash and a wide range of gift cards from your favorite retailers, quick paying. They make their website genuinely accessible to everyone with the use of apps for both Android and IOS.


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