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These days, it’s not uncommon to find people who dream about becoming digital entrepreneurs and generating large amounts of passive income without having to toil day and night at a company they don’t even want to work for. 

If that sounds like you, becoming an online marketer might be the career path for you! 

As a marketer, you’ll design marketing strategies for businesses and help them implement those strategies and tactics across multiple online platforms. 

And while being a marketer isn’t precisely a passive job, knowing the ins and outs of the world of digital marketing will allow you to find different ways to generate passive income using paid ads and other lead generation tricks. 

Below, we’re exploring how to make money and earn passive income as a modern marketing professional. 

Ways of Earning Passive Income As A Marketer

Selling Niche Leads

A lead is a person or individual who hasn’t yet purchased from a company but has shown some form of interest in its products or services. 

Therefore, one way modern marketers generate passive income is by building lead generation websites and then selling leads to businesses. 

Selling leads is particularly popular in service industries, such as home renovation, landscaping, and appliance repairs, because the businesses that provide those services usually rely on word-of-mouth marketing and customer referrals. 

In other words, they simply don’t often know how to generate their leads online. 

Savvy marketers are sometimes able to build websites that appear exactly like a service provider website. They’ll usually list their phone number on the home page and then use paid ads to drive traffic to the site. 

If the website is built correctly and the marketer has a system in place, some site visitors might decide to pick up the phone and call the number on the site. 

In some cases, the marketer will take down the caller’s contact information, which they will then use to sell as a warm lead to a business owner capable of doing the work. 

Alternatively, some marketers will work our deals or contracts, so that leads generated on their sites will automatically be forwarded to the business for a weekly or monthly fee. 

Running PPC Ads

As a marketer, if you can build a website that generates a considerable amount of traffic, it might be worth looking into using platforms like Google Adsense or PropellerAds to sell advertising space on your web pages. 

Generally, when you run ads using these types of services, you’ll be able to generate passive income either when a site visitor views or clicks on the ads. 

Website ad views, also known as impressions, usually don’t pay very much unless you’re generating a massive amount of views per day. 

Therefore, you’ll make the most money on your ad space when visitors click on your ads, rather than simply scrolling past them. 

That said, generating passive income using ads tends to be immensely challenging these days since modern consumers are more suspicious than ever of clicking on ads. 

Affiliate Marketing

Finally, if you own a website with a considerable amount of traffic, you can earn passive income by advertising and promoting other people’s products or services undering your logos and branding. 

You can use tools like Canva to create your own custom logos for your affiliate website. 

This is known as affiliate marketing and can be an extremely lucrative endeavour when planned and implemented correctly. 

The most popular affiliate marketing platform is Amazon Associates. 

Members of the Amazon-based affiliate program will place links to Amazon products directly into their web pages or blog posts, using their logos and branding to promote the links. 

Then, when a visitor clicks on a link and buys any product through Amazon within a certain amount of time, the site owner will earn a small commission of the sale. 

Earning Passive Income As A Marketer

Selling leads, running PPC ads, and building affiliate marketing websites are three of the best ways to earn passive income and monetize your online activities as a marketer. 

That said, being successful as a marketer using any of these methods takes time, hard work, and dedication to generate any considerable income. 

Therefore, although it’s perfectly possible to earn passive income as a marketer, it can take time before you’ll start to see your efforts pay off! 


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