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YouTube is an excellent way to promote yourself, your services & get noticed on the internet and, in some cases, you can even use it to earn handsome money. 

To make a YouTube Channelyou’ll need a Google Account & Passion to Motivate Yourself. 

Nowadays, YouTube makes some changes in his policy, If you want to monetize your videos and earn money, You need at least 1,000 Subscribers & 4,000 Hours Watch time in Last 12 months on your youtube channel, then ads will show and you can earn money.

Let’s Start to Maintain Your Youtube Channel:

  1. Keep adding videosIf you want to have a successful channel, you will need a steady stream of content. Try to update your channel every couple of weeks. Let your viewers know if you are going to be taking an extended break, and when you’ll be back.

    • Setting a consistent release schedule can help build a following. Think of it as a TV show; everyone looks forward to a new episode of their favorite show, and they know exactly when it will be coming. Try to update weekly or every other week.
  2. Interact with the viewers. Try to respond to comments when you have time. This will create a stronger bond between you and your viewers. Viewers that feel that the content creator cares about them will be more inclined to return and watch more content, as well as tell others about it.

    • Spend a few hours after uploading a video responding to the comments that viewers make about it. These viewers are your most die-hard fans because they are the ones eagerly anticipating the release of new content and are brave enough to comment on it. Treat them with respect, and you will see their numbers grow.
    • Moderate the comments on your page as much as possible. While reading nasty comments can be funny, they detract from your channel and drive viewers away. Remove comments that would offend others and report abusive users. This will help create a friendlier environment for your regular viewers.
    • Pose questions to your viewers. Try to keep the questions simple, such as Yes/No questions or “Voting” questions. This will keep negative feedback down and promote good discussion amongst your viewers.
  3. Bring back old videos. If you have older content that your newer viewers probably haven’t seen, stick it in your feed so that everyone sees it on the front of your channel page. This can give your old videos some increased traffic.

  4. Keep watching other channels. You should be spending as much time on possible logged into YouTube, even when you’re not actively maintaining your channel. You should be watching other’s videos, interacting with other users, and browsing for like-minded content.

  5. Link to other user’s content that you feel complements your own. This will help your channel show up on searches as related viewing.
  6. Try to maintain a schedule for adding other links to other videos. Curate your linked and liked videos on days that you are not uploading your own videos. This will help break up the wait between your videos, keeping your viewers active on your channel.
  7. When liking other videos, make sure that they are videos that you feel will appeal to the widest audience of your viewers as possible. You don’t want to turn away your audience because no one likes the video you liked.



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