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Bloggers always ask a question – What types of blog posts should they write to attract hoards of traffic?

B’cos every blogger knows, writing blog articles with the same tone and pitch simply doesn’t work. In the long run, you may attract a good amount of traffic, but to be a successful blogger, to be a superstar blogger you have to think differently. You have to add variety in your kitty. You have to tickle the heart and brain of your readers.

Types of blog posts

Type 1. Regular Posts

These are the posts which add value to your visitors, which teach them some skills in your niche, and, these are the posts which your visitors want to refer again and again for the sake of knowledge.

Regular posts are timeless in nature and serve as a great source of traffic for long term. You should follow the Timeless SEO Techniques to search engine optimize these types of posts, to make it a constant source of traffic for next 10 to 15 years at least.

Timeless SEO is “ A set of SEO rules you should follow to withstand any and all types of Search Engine updates by Google, Yahoo or Bing in the long run, may be next 10/15/20 yrs or more.” In short term, it may not send you huge traffic, but in long term, it will be your Golden Hen! I will discuss about Timeless-SEO later on.


Examples of regular posts are:

  • How-to or instructional post
  • Problem with a solution post
  • Case studies and reviews
  • Infographic and video
  • Inspiring post
  • Research post etc.

Type 2. Controversial Posts

These are the posts which are controversial in nature, but with good intention. If you craft your controversial post with an even controversial heading, and thought provoking 1st paragraph, then it wins the battle 70%. As ‘provocation’ is the essence of these type of posts, your readers will be dying to read it.

Due to the varied nature of the controversial post, sometimes it goes viral in the social media, earning you a hoard of traffic and publicity.

Type 3. News Articles 

News articles are an instant source of traffic and are usually short-lived. Google gives great importance to the freshness factor of the news article and included this in its SE algorithm. If an earthquake is happening and you serve real time news, then Google index your content much faster, resulting in huge traffic on your blog (high number of queries).

But, getting your blog indexed in Yahoo News or Google News is not so easy. You will be surprised to know, in news search, Yahoo is the king. Yahoo has 3/4th of news search share than Google, a complete role reversal. Although Google asks a lot of questions and information than Yahoo while submitting your blog URL for inclusion, it’s easier to be accepted by Google than Yahoo News.

You have to produce 8 to 10 fresh news pieces/week, consistently for months together to qualify for Google or Yahoo News. For your info, an average site indexed in Yahoo News gets as many as 15,000 to 20,000 unique visitors/news/day approximately for initial few days, depending on the type of news.

Submit your blog for Google News here.

Submit your blog for Yahoo News here.

What should be your blog post-composition 

You should customize your blog posts according to your niche and requirements. If you have a blog about website design and tutorial, and you write lots of news items and controversial articles, nobody will be interested. Likewise, a news blog should not write much about how-to and instructional articles.

If you have a technology blog and you want to flood your blog with a different kind of traffic from raw to extremely specific, then you have to publish news articles regularly along with regular and controversial types.

Blog with highly targeted traffic: For technology, education, science, photography blogs etc.

60% + 20% + 20% or 80% + 10% + 10% for RegularControversial and News article types respectively.

Blog with raw traffic: News and news-magazine blogs etc.

10% + 10% + 80%  or  5% 5% + 90% for RegularControversial and News article types respectively.

Moral of the post

Composition of your blog posts should be tailor-made. It should be a mixture of regular + controversial + News article with right proportion. That way, you not only teach your visitors new skills but also make them think about your posts and blog.

You are most welcome to add or suggest anything beyond this article to make this post never ending!

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