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When it comes to the academic world, some things are considered sins, and plagiarism is one.

But it is possible to eliminate plagiarism, and you can also avoid plagiarism while writing the content.

Using plagiarized content can negatively impact many aspects, and it is needed to eliminate it.

Here, we are talking about blog posts or research papers, and when we talk about blogging and research paper, we are concerned about accuracy and uniqueness.

And having uniqueness is only possible when you are using unique and plagiarism-free content.

But how can we make our content unique?

There are just a few steps that are needed to follow, and these steps are enough to make content unique and plagiarism-free.

These few steps are discussed below, and these steps are well-researched and approved by many professional writers.

  1. Do proper research

Research can easily impress the audience, and keep in mind that your authority depends on your research.

It means that proper research is very much needed, and we have many sources to research any topic, and we can say that the internet is one of the biggest sources.

The good thing about researching something on the internet is, it’s completely free and easy.

As we have many sources readily available on the internet, these sources are reliable and authentic.

The easiest way is to make notes first, and then you can go for writing it as your final blog post.

Keep in mind that for preparing an impressive blog post, you need to make a rough draft at first and make it twice and thrice.

We have shortlisted two of the sources from where you can use data, and these sources are discussed down

  • Internet

As mentioned above, the internet is the biggest source of information, and that’s why it is used as the best source of gathering information.

But keep in mind that the internet is very useful, but at the same time, it is full of scammers, and you need to avoid them.

When writing a blog or a research paper, you need to keep relevancy and accuracy in focus. 

  • Newspaper 

Information in a newspaper is also very reliable, and we can easily get some useful information from the newspaper.

In actuality, a blog post is all about your research and how you gather information and write it in the paper.

  1. Take your time

Taking time is very much needed, especially when you prepare a blog for better writing.

Some things don’t need to be rushed on, specifically when discussing academic tasks like research papers, assignments, and project reports. 

The best thing is to start early, and when you start early, you have enough time to search for something and properly understand them before writing them down.

Some people start writing their blog posts or research papers at the last moment, and they cannot make an impressive paper for sure.

But starting early is not the only task; we need to follow some more steps to make the content unique.

Let’s have a look at the other steps.

  1. Use an article rewriter. 

At some point in the writer’s career, it is needed to use some tools to save time and energy.

These tools are included plagiarism checkers, paraphrasers, article rewriters, and many more so, here we are talking about an article rewriter.

An article rewriter is specifically used to make content unique and plagiarism-free, but your attention is also required.

The best article rewriter will not make the content complex; instead, it will make the text readable and easier to understand.

But some tools are not that efficient to make content more meaningful.

  1. Use quotations

Quotations are used to make content unique, but they also highlight some useful information or anything.

Using quotations can leave a good impression on the readers or audience. Moreover, using quotes is easy; all you need is to put inverted commas.

It would help if you gave the name of the real author outside the inverted commas.

Giving credits to others will also increase your rankings so, giving credits is a good option and is also very easy.

  1. Keep track of sources.

It is pretty cleared that we need some research, and we cannot write on any topic on our own so, we need to add some information from outsourcing.

But what about plagiarism?

We can easily free ourselves from the charge of using plagiarized content by tracking sources and add them as references.

Adding reference will increase the trust and confidence of your audience, and keep in mind that trust is all the things you have.

Once you lose the trust of your audience, it can be really hard to regain, and you can also lose your reader.

  1. Proofread the content

Proofreading the content can take out many mistakes, making your content free from mistakes and errors.

It is pretty cleared that the more you read your content, the more you’ll find mistakes in it.

And once you remove all the mistakes highlighted by proofreading, you’ll get the most unique and readable content.

But we need to read the content more than once; as we mentioned above, the more we read, the more we will find mistakes and improve our content.

  1. Use a plagiarism checker.

Some things cannot be done without using a tool and detecting plagiarism is one of them.

We cannot check plagiarism without having a plagiarism checker and that’s why we need to use this tool.

There are many checkers available on the internet, and you can go for any of them.


The basic demand of writing a blog is to have unique and plagiarism-free content.

Some institutions can allow some percentage of plagiarism in a blog post, but it is mostly prohibited, and you must write a unique blog.

We have discussed some of the steps that help make content unique, especially if you are writing a blog.

This Guest Post is submitted by Stella Jackson, 1753 Maryland, USA


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